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Green Giant Arborvitae

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Green Giant Arborvitaes have become one of the most highly sought-after privacy screening trees due to their rapid rate of growth and high resistance to deer browsing.

Growing at rates of 2-4 ft per year, Green Giants are a great choice for either privacy screens or wind-breaks. Green Giant Arborvitae are extremely cold-hardy and perform very well throughout the Northeast, especially Long Island. They are uniform growers and do well in hedge-form or individually planted. They prefer full-sun but can handle part-sun conditions as well. 

Green Giants need regular watering and fertilization. If provided with both, you will have a deer-proof, cold-hardy green wall in no time! 


Additional Information:

Mature Height: 30-35 ft

Mature Width: 6-10 ft

Latin Name: Thuja plicata 'Green Giant'

Recommended Spacing: 5 ft apart

Watering: Everyday initially. Once established, regular watering still needed for best performance

Sunlight: Full sun to part sun


Heavy or 'Hvy' trees/shrubs/arborvitae is the distinction between the fullness and width of the plant. Heavy plants have been trimmed to promote the growth of the plant to be full and/or wider then the non-heavy plant. 

Calculate how many plants you need for full coverage

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