We do not offer a warranty, neither expressed nor implied, on our plant material. We do, however, guarantee that you are receiving a healthy, quality plant that will succeed and grow as expected. If, upon delivery, you receive a plant that you do not feel will be successful, you are asked to bring it to our attention in order to immediately remediate the problem. Please do not wait longer than 24 hours to bring any issues to our attention.

Trees, shrubs and plants are living, breathing things. They need much more care and maintenance than, say, a pocketbook. These living things have certain requirements to prosper; such as adequate sunlight, water, food, breathing room and more. We do our best here at the nursery to provide the plants with everything they need to ensure that when they arrive at your door, they are in optimal conditions. We water them, prune them, space them and more. Once the plants are in your possession, it is imperative that they receive the same care. If they don’t, they will not continue to succeed.

Therein lies the reason we do not offer a warranty on our plants. Once they leave our possession, we do not know how they are being cared for. But care and maintenance are not the only factors that affect a plant’s survivability. There also environmental factors such as sunlight, wind conditions, soil conditions, insects, extreme weather and much more that are all beyond our control. If you need advice on anything you have purchased, please contact us for information, we are happy to help.

We dedicate ourselves to providing our customers the greatest quality plants at the best value. We have over a hundred combined years of horticultural experience on staff. We employee full-time staff that are dedicated to ensuring you receive the plant material in excellent condition. Once it’s yours, it’s your job to make our babies happy :)


  • Please note that some discoloration or wilting of leaves can occur during the stress of transport. These leaves can often be pruned off without harm to the plant.
  • We are not responsible for loss of plants that are planted in incorrect hardiness zones. If you have any questions regarding your hardiness zone or a plant's hardiness, please ask us through our online chat or call/email/text our customer support.

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