Below are answers to some of the more frequently asked questions.
Do you sell to the public?
Yes, we are a retail location and we are open to the public. 
Do you offer contractor discounts?
No, we sell at one low price. We do not offer any trade or architect discounts.
Do you offer volume discounts?
No, we do not offer volume discounts as most of our orders are large volume.
Can I get an ETA for my delivery?
We can not provide a window of time for your delivery until the morning of the delivery. The truck is loaded in a particular order to maximize efficiency. We will provide with as accurate a window as possible. Sometimes issues arise, such as truck problems, traffic, heavy customer traffic at the store, and the delivery does not arrive during the window of time that you received. These are issues that are out of our control and do occasionally arise. 
What is included in my delivery?
The delivery price is purely a driveway drop. The delivery team will carefully deliver your material to any location on your driveway. They DO NOT carry the material throughout your yard. This causes delays in our delivery schedule among other problems and is not included in your delivery fee. If you need this service, please ask our employees at the time of purchase as there is an additional fee.
What soil amendments do you recommend when planting trees and shrubs?
We typically recommend two main soil amendments at planting. We recommend you use Peat Moss and an organic starter fertilizer, either Espoma Bio-Tone or Healthy Start. The peat moss adds organic matter to your soil and helps with watering. The organic starter fertilizers also add organic matter to the soil and help stimulate root growth.
Do you warranty your trees and shrubs?
No, we do not offer any money-back warranty on any of our trees or shrubs. We guarantee that you are receiving healthy, quality nursery stock at time of purchase and your purchase is acceptance of that. We water and care for the material here at our nursery and it is important that it receives the same kind of care and watering once it is in your possession.
How do I plant my new trees?
When you plant a new tree, you want to make sure that the top of the root ball is planted flush or an inch or two higher than the surrounding soil. Trees should be planted any deeper or higher than that as it can cause the tree to suffocate or fail to establish roots. When planting, you want to add the soil amendments to the soil that came out of the hole that you are going to use to backfill. The soil amendments should be placed in the bottom of the hole or on top of the ground after planting.
Should I remove the burlap on my trees?
No, do not remove the burlap. The burlap will slowly disintegrate over the course of a few months. It is a natural material. What you should do is remove any string or twine around the trunk of the tree and peel the burlap away from the trunk of tree and either cut off or tuck into the hole. Wire baskets should not be removed as that affects the integrity of the root ball. It has been proven that wire baskets do not interfere much with the growth of the roots. ANY PLASTIC/NYLON MATERIALS MUST BE REMOVED.
How do I water my new trees and shrubs?
Watering is the most common issue with new trees and shrubs. New trees and shrubs typically need a lot of watering for their first 12-18 months as they establish their root system. New plantings should be watered immediately after planting. Always make sure to soak the root system, do not spray the leaves or trunk with water. The best thing to do is create a small basin around the root ball to retain the water and fill this basin 2-3 times immediately after planting and again a few hours after. Post-planting, a drip or soaker hose should be installed. When you wrap the trees with the soaker hose, make sure the hoses are wrapped multiple times around the tree and that the hose is not tight to the trunk, but placed directly on top of the root ball. The bigger the tree, the bigger the root system and the more times the hose needs to be wrapped on that particular tree. We typically recommend 1.5 hours of watering per day with a soaker system for new plantings. Watering requirements always vary depending upon the size of the tree, the light conditons (sun/shade), wind and soil make up. The best way to determine if a tree is receiving enough water is to dig around the root ball about 18-20 hours after watering. You want the soil to be damp. If the soil around the root ball is dry and powdery, you need to increase the watering time. If the soil is wet and muddy, you need to decrease the watering. 
Hand watering is not efficient and usually leads to underwatering on larger trees. If a new tree does not get sufficient water just one day in hot or dry temperatures, it can lead to the tree dying. Although it is much less common, please note that trees can die from overwatering. If you need further advice, please ask our employees.
How do I care for my plantings?
If you planted your trees with the recommended fertilizer, you will not need to feed the tree until the following growing season. For example, if you planted in the Spring, you will not need to feed until the Fall. If you planted in the Fall, you will not need to feed until the following Spring. We recommend either a 10-10-10 or 14-14-14 granular fertilizer for post-planting fertilization. Follow manufacturer's application instructions.
Can I return plant material that has been purchased?
Only plant material that has not been planted or damaged in transportation may be returned. Returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee. Our employees have the right to refuse any material deemed damaged from transportation or handling. 
Can I cancel my delivery?
Deliveries must be cancelled 48 hrs before scheduled delivery date. Material that has been pulled or loaded is subject to a 20% restocking fee.
Can I cancel my recent order?
Yes, orders can be cancelled but are subject to a fee. If the order has not yet been pulled, there is a 5% processing fee. If the order has already been tagged or pulled, there is a 20% restocking fee.

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