Dogwood Flowering 'Stellar Pink'

Dogwood Flowering &
Dogwood Flowering &

Dogwood Flowering 'Stellar Pink'

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Cornus x ‘Rutgan’ Stellar Pink

A hybrid between the Japanese dogwood (Cornus kousa) and the native species (Cornus florida), ‘Stellar Pink’ possesses the most stellar qualities of both. Anthracnose resistant and sending out its leaves before its blooms like the former, it also boasts the more rounded “petals” of the latter

Growing 15-30 feet tall and wide in USDA zones 5-9, it offers exquisitely pale pink flowers and is sterile, so you won’t have to worry about self-sown seedlings. It blooms a bit later than the native florida dogwoods and a bit earlier than kousa types.

Additional Information:

Latin Name: Cornus x 'Rutgan' Stellar Pink
Plant Type: Tree
Shrub Type: Deciduous
Exposure: Full sun, Part Shade
Deer Resistant: Yes
Mature Height: 20-25 Feet
Mature Width: 15-20 Feet
Growth Rate: Fast
Bloom On: Old Wood
Bloom Time: Spring
Flower Colors: Pink
Hardiness Zone: Zone 5-9
Habit: Pyramidal
Water Needs: Average
Maintenance: Easy
Pruning Time: After flowering
Additional attribute:
Fall Color
Showy Flowers
Landscape Uses:
Mass Planting, Privacy Screen, Specimen, Woodland Garden


 Dogwoods prefer humus rich, acidic, and well-drained soil. Give them 2 to 4 inches of mulch, keeping it away from their trunks, to ensure that their roots stay cool and moist. The trees may suffer from chlorosis in overly alkaline ground. Oriental varieties tolerate full sun, but most dogwoods prefer morning sun followed by afternoon shade. Because they flower on old wood, prune them shortly after that flowering to avoid cutting off potential blooms.

The trees generally are vase-shaped when young, but mature to a more rounded silhouette. Native varieties can be subject to anthracnose and other fungus diseases, so rake up and dispose of all their leaves in the fall and prune the tree only when it is dry to avoid spreading spores.   

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