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Murray Cypress

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How many do you need?


Murray Cypress are a "New & Improved" varietal of the ever popular Leyland Cypress! Leyland Cypress have long been the top-selling privacy evergreen tree and have now been upgraded with the Murray Cypress! Murray Cypress are faster-growing, more resistant to disease & fungus & offer much hardier root & branching systems. 

Murray Cypress have been recorded as growing 3-4 ft per year compared to the 2-3 ft per year that Leyland Cypress offer. The Murray Cypress has a darker, bluer color than the standard Leyland. They also can tolerate wet sites a bit better as well as being more resistant to fungus disease.

If you are looking for a hardy, fast-growing Privacy Evergreen tree, look no further!!

First discovered by retired forester, Bill Murray of Georgia. 



Additional Information:

Mature Height: 40 ft

Mature Width: 10 ft

Latin Name: Cupressocyparis leylandii 'Murray'

Recommended Spacing: 5-10 ft apart




Calculate how many plants you need for full coverage

Distance to cover:ft


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