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Blue Spruce

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Picea pungens var. glauca

Blue spruce is, indeed, spruce—as in “neat and smart in appearance”—with its naturally pyramidal shape and stiffly “starched” blue-gray needles.  Also known as Colorado blue spruce and very hardy in USDA zones 2-8, the evergreen conifer can eventually reach 60 feet in height and 20 feet in width.

Its scaly gray bark warms to russet with age and its 3 to 4-inch light brown cones dangle from the highest branches. Keep in mind that the new growth generally is the most blue with the older foliage graying somewhat as it ages.

Culture:  The deer resistant blue spruce will thrive in either full or partial sun in fertile, moist, well-drained soils, but tolerates dry conditions better than most other spruces. Avoid pruning it too extremely, as new growth won’t sprout from areas of dead wood where no needles are present. 

Its pyramidal shape makes it the ideal choice for a single outdoor specimen tree intended to be decorated at the holidays. You may even be able to keep a blue spruce in a large container for several years, bringing it indoors for just a few days during the Christmas season rather than having to purchase a cut tree. Its natural wind resistance also makes it ideal—when several specimens are planted in a protecting rank—for privacy screening or a windbreak.  

We sell multiple varieties of Blue Spruce. Some get taller than others and some have more vibrant shades of blue than others. If you have any questions regarding the varieties that we carry, please email us or ask us on live chat if available.



Additional Information:

Recommended Spacing: 6 ft apart

Calculate how many plants you need for full coverage

Distance to cover:ft


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